YWAM Ship Update: Day 4

We went to church on shore this morning. It was the first time we got to interact with the people in Morobe Station. Children lined up on the shore to watch as the zodiac boats made their rounds, bringing people from the ship and dropping them on the beach. They are all so cute with their curious eyes and bashful smiles.

We had church on the beach with a hodge-podge of chairs and benches. Many leaders in the community, and even the government, were there to express their thanks for our presence. Then we had worship and the message, which was over Psalms 103. The most amazing part to me was hearing God’s praises being sung in a new language. Everyone was singing even though the worship songs were in Pigeon, the language here, which none of us, english speakers, really know. We all mimicked the words as best we could, and it was beautiful because everyone was worshiping with their whole heart.

The rest of the day was spent on the ship. Tomorrow we begin the clinics, so we rested in preparation except those in leadership, who spent time planning the week with the leaders of the village. I got to help in the galley washing dishes and making bread. Then there was a short meeting to go over some more dental team briefing. I might get some time working as a dental assistant this week! Can you imagine that? Before dinner we went swimming, which was a blast. It felt so good to get some solid exercise! And that pretty much sums up today. Laid back, restful, and full of worship.



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