YWAM Ship Update: Day 3

Today was a day of sailing. The sea was smooth and sun was out. You couldn’t really feel much rocking. I don’t think anyone got sea sick, which was wonderful. Most of us sat out on the decks, relaxing and chatting as the breeze cooled us down. We got to see incredible scenery slip past us. There are rugged hills here with no absence of rich, green plant life. The water is as blue up close as it looked from the plane. I could go on forever about how beautiful it is in this country.

Most of my day was spent talking to people and exploring the ship. I am enamored by the relationship God has with each individual. There are several people that I spoke with who gave up everything to come and do this mission full time. Their example is empowering. It asks the question, ‘How far are you willing to go to live out what God has called you to?’ Would you sell your house and everything you own to go on a six month mission without a plan of what to do afterwards if God asked you too? 100% trust with no looking back and no planning forward, that is what the christian life should be.

I started a conversation with one of the ophthalmologists because I was curious about the book he was reading. It is called Against the Tide by David Cowie, He told me that it is the story of the birth of this ministry. He, himself, was there in the early stages. He eagerly told about how God used the experience to change him into the man God made him to be. He pointed out a quote from the last paragraph of the book, “In order for our needs to be met, whether physical or spiritual, and the call of God to be fulfilled in our lives, we must get out of our comfort zones.” Then he said, ‘It isn’t just about the people that we are ministering to. God is using this to change us by forcing all of us out of our depth and forcing us fully into His hands.’ Growth doesn’t happen when you stay in your own controlled space. Get uncomfortable. Let the glory of the Lord alone be your strength. That’s when your life will start to be centered around Christ. That’s when you will start radiating the light of the gospel and other people will take notice.

As we pulled into Morobe Station, the location where we will be anchored for the next week, we were greeted by a motor boat filled with local people singing and playing drums and smacking the water, making splashes. There was even a conch horn player! Dozens of people paddled out on their ocean canoes and surrounded the boat, looking at us as curiously as we looked back at them. It was a glorious moment, the rubbing of cultures with mutual excitement and eagerness.

Pray for healing here. Pray for God to work in radical ways. Pray for deep relationships despite the short time spent together.


I will be reading Against the Tide over the next day or two. If you want to read it with me you can by it on amazon at this link.



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