YWAM Ship Update: Day 16

We visited two villages today. It was hectic and busy, but good. The first village we did immunisations for the kids under 5 and well baby check ups. The second village we didn’t have any immunisations, because the provincial health patrol did them all. Instead, many people crowded around the small first aid building for help with various clinical problems.

One man came with a wound on the bottom of his foot that he had for 15 years. He had been to several doctors and they all told him that he had to amputate his foot because it was surrounded by necrotic tissue. The sad thing is, we had to tell him the same thing. Unfortunately, the resources don’t exist here to bring back so much damage. The man is 27 years old and the decision is something he can’t make. He wants to save his foot and has done a good job of keeping it as healthy as possible. If he could have surgical debridement and a wound vac it is possible that he could make a recovery. There aren’t wound vacs here. Our nurse re-bandaged his wound and gave him a supply of bandages to change out the dressing. Another of our nurse prayed for him. It was difficult to send him on his way. The frustration of possible restoration with the right resources keeps playing in my mind.

We had another serenade talent show tonight. It was so much fun to celebrate and watch people show their gifts.




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