YWAM Ship Update: Day 13

“Dolphins! Over there!” Our British doctor exclaimed as he pointed to out to the right of the zodiac. Sure enough, a pack of dolphins could be seen jumping out of the water along side our boat. The thrill of seeing wild dolphins got us all excited. We were headed 45 minutes up the coast to a tiny beach village.

When we got there we found out that a health patrol had stopped by there four days ago. So there wasn’t a whole lot to be done in the way of health care. We were able to give immunizations to those who had been missed as well as treat other acute illnesses. By lunch everything was taken care of, so we did some teaching to the young girls in the village about puberty. Our clinic leader sat on the floor of a porch and began to explain that God made each girl special. She focused the teaching with that fact as the center. The girls listened intently and several of the mothers sat in as well. It was cool to see how well our clinic leader explained the love of God for his daughters and his intention for a healthy family when they grow. After the teaching was done, we were able to hand out period packs that had washable pads. Having something like that would help to prevent the girls missing out on school and other obligations because of their monthly cycle.

Our clinic leader talking to some of the little ones.  

By the time we had everything packed up after teaching, we still had several hours before having to be back at the ship. So we took short twenty minute hike up the hill to a beautiful waterfall. This was especially wonderful because, for the first time, I got to see the jungle that I’ve been staring at from the water for the past week and a half. It is just as beautiful up close, as it is from a distance. Leaves and vines covered the jungle floor, and a small fresh water creek trickled down from its origin further up the hill. The air smelled fresh and untouched by anything unnatural. The shade provided by the trees made it comfortably cool. We reached the waterfall and stood, drinking in the wonder of the environment around us. Before leaving, we also made a dance video because our ship is doing a ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling!’ by Justin Timberlake music video parody. Satisfied with our work, we headed back down to the beach and bid the villagers goodbye. The kids lined up on the dock and smiled and waved as we pulled out.

The waterfall. 

On the way home we took a detour and landed on an island nearby. The island is what you always picture when you think of an island paradise. Two locals emerged from the trees carrying machetes and welcomed us, telling us that we were on Fly Island. They told us it was named by the Japanese when they occupied the island during World War II. The beach of the island was covered in beautiful blue rocks. Hermit crabs inched along the sand everywhere. In the water, you could easily find deep blue star fish peppered on the ocean floor near the beach. Needless to say, it was a perfect rest from the work. Nothing could beat it. One of our zodiac drivers climbed a coconut tree thirty feet high and knocked down some coconuts for us. He and the locals showed us how the coconuts are shucked and opened. We each got a fresh coconut to drink before piling back into the zodiac for home.

Fly Island.
Our zodiac driver showing off some of his mad skills. 

When we arrived back at the ship, we saw the helicopter returning from some inland villages where they had taken a small team to set up a clinic. The helicopter company donated flight hours to YWAM this year, so that they could take medical care to villages whose land locations would make it difficult to reach any other way. Our team who went today reported being very busy at the village. Over 100 kiddos were given immunizations and the mamas were able to get birth control implants.

It was another successful day. However, everyone is feeling a bit tired. Some people are still under the weather. Please pray for energy and health. Tomorrow we sail to our next anchorage.


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