YWAM Ship Update: Day 7

It is the third day of clinics, and we have all the kinks pretty much worked out. The routine is running smoothly. I got to do sterilization today in the dental sterilization lab. I’ve been learning about this process for the past two years in school, but it was the first time I actually got to carry out the job of putting tools through an ultrasonic cleaner and then moving them to an autoclave. (An ultrasonic cleaner is a machine that creates high frequency pressure (sound) waves to remove any contamination from the grooves of the tools. An autoclave is a machine that uses high amounts of pressure and heat to completely eliminate any living organisms may have survived, making the instruments sterile.)

The sterilization lab 

The story of the day is about this boy named Brey. Brey is a seventeen year old who has been blind his whole life due to severe cataracts. The YWAM staff first met him three weeks ago. When they heard his story they wanted to try to help Brey regain his sight. So he came aboard the ship and has had the ophthalmologists assessing him and planning surgery since the beginning of the outreach. Yesterday the first surgery was performed to fix one of his eyes. They weren’t positive that he would have any improvement, just hopeful. Today they took his eye patch off to evaluate the results. We were told that he can see!!!! Today Brey got to see his brother for the first time in his life! That is something for which we can glorify our Father in heaven!

In the evening, the dentist who is from this village invited some of us to her family’s home for dinner. I can not express how special it was to arrive and have a table full of home made Papua New Guinean food. Her family welcomed us into their home with warm smiles. We talked and laughed and shared stories. As we were leaving they gave us coconuts and fruit. I was super pumped to get a coconut because the coconuts here are probably the best coconuts in the world. They are perfectly rounded with thick, milky-white meat. The coconut milk itself can be drunk straight from the coconut. It tastes better than any you would buy in an american foofoo grocery store. We thanked them and started heading to the boat. As we walked, I happened to look up at the sky. What I saw caused me to gasp. The stars down here are unlike any I’ve ever seen. It is breath taking.

Today we get to praise God for the miracle of restored sight and the beauty of His creation.

A wonderful dinner that will remembered forever. 

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